Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2014-15 Celtics

The Celtics won a mere 25 games last season.  Since the Celtics open up their season tonight I'll predict they will win 35 games this year, a slight improvement but still a long way to go.

I will also say that KC Royals will beat the Giants in Game 7 of the World Series tonight.

Meanwhile I spotted by first Dark-eyed Junco in Rumford at the old Fram building today, a sure sign that winter is on the way

So if I'm as successful here as I have been with my NFL picks this year, the Celts will win 20 games and the Giants will be your 2014 World Series Champions.

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  1. Ha.. well is was the Giants winning the 2014 World Series, and the Celtics have a shot at the last playoff spot in the East as of March 31, 2015