Friday, February 15, 2013

It's been awhile since I've posted.    First  I'm glad to see some action down in Florida, spring training.  

It's been quite a month so far, a blizzard hit us here in Rhode Island, the Ravens won the Super Bowl, the Celtics are losing guys day by day but somehow winning, and of course spring training with the Curt Schilling PED comments.   And now the Papelbon comments .. "Former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon says he was giving injections of the drug Toradol, which is an anti-inflammatory drug with serious side effects."  It's beginning to sound like the Sox medical staff has some explaining to do.

Finally there are the sour grapes comments by Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez on the "toxic atmosphere" around the Sox.   Seems to be the big trade with the Dodgers to dump Carl, Gonzalez and Beckett seems to have cleaned up that toxicity.

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