Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow and disappointment

A tough home loss to the Ravens sets up a Baltmore/SF Harbaugh Bowl.  The Patriots were suprisingly shut out at home during the 2nd half, including a couple of passes tipped and/or intercepted off Tom Brady.  Not a good game for the Pats.

We are in for our 3rd snow event of the 2012-13 winter.  Sounds like 2-4 inches overnight to make for another messy commute, similar to last week - January 16

With the big storm Dec. 28, 2012 we are up to about 13 inches of snow for the winter, perhaps up to 17 by tomorrow morning

12/29/12  9 inches
1/16/13  4 inches
1/21/13  2 inches

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Double OT

As I write this, it's double OT in the historic Ravens/Broncos game.   My pick was Denver, and let me get my other ones in..

Green Bay over SF  (7-7 tie now)
Seattle over Atl  (I see the Falcons as the NFC version of the Texans..overrated)
Patriots over Houston

So..that makes me 0-1...Baltimore pulls over the major upset in the cold over Peyton Manning.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wild card update

3 out of 4... not bad, guess I should have gone to Vegas.

I am looking forward to the Patriots/Texans game next Sunday.    I think we will get a Brady/Manning AFC Championship matchup this year, then maybe a Belichick/Carroll Super Bowl with NE vs Seattle?   That would be something, our New England media would be all over that one!

Pete Carroll was the last Patriots coach prior to the BB era...I just looked it up here to make was back in 1999.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Football Wild Card picks

Update... well 2 for 2 in the Saturday games.. stay tuned.    Houston Texans visit the Patriots next week.

I'm sure you are waiting to hear my Wild Card picks... well here it goes.

  • Houston over Cincinnati.  -  yes Houston has struggled, but they are at home.
  • Green Bay over Minnesota - I don't see the Vikings making it very far, GB is one of my favorites to meet up with the Patriots for the title
  • Indy over Baltimore - Baltimore has looked awful, Indy seems to have "Luck" on their side
  • Seattle over Washington - Seattle has looked impressive, but this one is a toss up.